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BAD GUYS... Know thy enemy.
List of Freedom-Hating Organizations Gun-grabber Names, addresses and contact info.
The History of HCI Extensive research of this anti-American, anti-gun organization.

HEARTS AND MINDS Commit these to memory!
Give It To Them Straight By John Ross, author of the BATF's favorite book, "Unintended Consequences". Hard-hitting and straight to the point arguments for the RKBA. These two pages will give you all the ammo you need to rebut 95% of the gungrabber's rhetoric. A MUST READ!
The Five-Minute RKBA Handbook By Jaspar. A 100% MUST READ for anyone fighting in the pro-freedom cause for our firearms rights!
The Republic's Survival By Robert Teesdale. A father's letter to his son. Read it, learn from it, act on it. Today.
Rage Against Self Defense By Dr. Sarah Thompson, M.D. A psychologist's research into the self-destructive mechanisms acting within those people who are fearful of firearms, and how to productively counteract them. Applied psychology at it's best. This is the document that the JPFO's "Gran'pa Jack #7: "Do Gun Prohibitionists Have a Mental Problem?" is based on.
Bridging the Gaps By Angle Shamaya of KeepAndBearArms.com. How to connect between the three main groups of gun-owners in order to preserve our God-given Liberties.
Politically Corrected Glossary of Terms By Alan Korwin. When the gun-grabbers say "that", you say "this"...
RKBA Sign Slogans Two pages worth of statements you can put on your own pro-gun protest signs.
Tactics That Work By Alan Korwin. Quick and effective methods for uniting your fellow firearms-enthusiasts in our struggle to save Freedom.
31 Questions By Angel Shamaya. Thirty-one questions to ask people who are anti-gun. Watch their faces contort as they realize they've been unwittingly brainwashed by the liberal media!
The Amazing Secret Weapon Another great work by Jaspar. How to use the power of metaphor and neuralinguistic programming techniques to make your pro-gun arguments have impact.

A Nation of Cowards Jeffrey Snyder's seminal work outlining the moral bankruptcy of the anti-gunners. A MUST READ!
Declaration of Noncompliance A moral statement against those who would strip the American People of their Constitutional Rights.
Pincers Strategy By G. Edward Griffin. Analysis and history of a classic tactic employed by the anti-gun fascists.
The Sullivan Principles Protecting the Second Amendment from Civil Abuse, by David Kopel and Richard E. Gardiner
Rule By Law By Keith P. Spicer. Details how the Socialists manipulate people to vote themselves into slavery.
Safe or Free? By Jeffrey Snyder. Analysis of gun control laws and how they make criminals of law-abiding citizens.
Stand and Be Counted By Walt Kulek (I think!), a short piece on the sociofascist agenda and something you can do about it.
Asphyxiation of Our Second Amendment Rights by Regulatory Strangulation The title says it all.
Memorandum on Arms and Freedom By Brian Puckett. A powerful statement that the gun-grabbers would do well to consider. Courtesy of the KeepAndBearArms.com website. Keep up the great work, people!
Why I Will Not Obey By Brian Puckett. One man's courageous argument of why he will not register his firearms. A must read for every gun owner.

Gun Control Facts Brochure By Guy Smith, author of Gun Facts (also on this page). A two-sided fold-up "take one" handout that's GREAT for rallies and meetings, or just for leaving in high-traffic areas around town.
U.N. Gun Control = Genocide v1 An excellent one-page handout that spells it out very succinctly: With at least 56 million people murdered by their own governments in the 20th century, why would anyone in their right mind even consider surrendering their firearms?
U.N. Gun Control = Genocide v2 A second version of the U.N. guns flyer.
A 2nd Amendment Analogue Adapted from a page at GunCite.com; compares the phraseology of the 2nd Amendment in the context of books rather than firearms.
Women's Self-Defense Flyer From the Second Amendment Sisters. You don't want to mess with these ladies!
Second Amendment Flyer From FreeRepublic.com. Short and to the point reasons for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms.
Things to Think About A page of various quotations that hopefully will get people to exercise their "brain housing group".

QUOTES... Culled from literature I have studied over the last four years, and compiled here for your reading pleasure and edification. The wisdom of the ages -- pass it along!
RKBA Quotes on the Right of every law-abiding individual citizen to Keep and Bear Arms.
Quotes on the real results of Concealed Weapons. No "blood in the streets" here, despite what the gungrabbers would have us believe.
LIBERTY Quotes on mankind's eternal desire and perennial struggle to be free.
Quotes regarding the greatest political treatise and blueprint for government ever written.
POLITICS The need for government, poisoned by it's tendency to become overgrown and tyrannical, is a story as old as the human race itself.
THE ENEMY Right from their own mouths, the words of the power elite both past and present, who see "The People" only as fodder for their twisted personal agendas.

A. G. John Ashcroft's letter to the NRA,
May 17, 2001
This is the letter from A.G. John Ashcroft to James Baker of the NRA-ILA stating the U.S. federal government's official policy of firearms ownership as an individual, not collective, right, as enumerated in the 2nd Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. This sure set the radical left to shrieking. Too bad.
US DOJ BJS Report of 12/2001 The latest criminal firearms-use statistics from the federal Department of Justice. Chock-full of interesting numbers that, once again, rebut the gun-grabbers lies.
1982 Senate Subcommittee on the Constitution RKBA Report Federal government paper that reaffirms the People's individual right to firearm's ownership. The BATF uses this daily for toilet paper; imagine that.
California DOJ list of AR and AK "Series" weapons now included in 1989 "Assault Weapons" ban - 4/2000 Right from the statist CA DOJ itself. One stroke of a gungrabber lawman's pen, and tens of thousands of Californians are unwittingly made into criminals. Neat, eh?
Federal Firearm Regulations Reference Guide for 2000 Next time some uneducated liberal yammers about how "unregulated" firearms are, wave this at them. But be careful -- at 365 pages, it could easily be considered a deadly weapon all by itself.
Commerce in Firearms in the United States The BATF's own report on all the good deeds they performed in 1999.
Sporting Suitability of Modified Semiautomatic Assault Rifles 4/1998 Treasury Department report on the "Sporting Purposes" mythos. Keep a barf-bad handy...
Impact Study of 1994 Assault Weapons Ban 3/1999 Report from the National Institute of Justice. Benefits from this statist "legislation" = ZERO.

A Judicial Straight Jacket By Larry Rybka. An though-provoking and very insightful essay into the problems facing the Right to Keep and Bear Arms being properly interpreted and ruled upon by the U.S. Supreme Court.
The Declaration of Independence The document that began this whole great "Liberty Experiment" in America.
The Constitution of the United States One of the greatest legal documents ever written by mankind. The Supreme Law of the Land, despite what the sociofascists would have us believe.
The Bill of Rights The First Ten Amendments to the U.S. Constitution. If you don't have these memorized by now, better get crackin'.
U.S. Code Militia Definition The part of the U.S. Federal Code that the Nazis in Washington don't want you to know about.
Juror's Handbook By Senator Wayne Stump. Two words: JURY NULLIFICATION. Just don't tell the trial attorneys or the judge that you've read this!
Form COL Federal complaint form for combating deprivation of rights under color of law. Take these to your next protest demonstration!
Kasler vs. Lockyer California Supreme Court Decision supporting the blatantly unconstitutional 1989 Roberti-Roos "assault weapons" ban in the People's Republik of Kalifornia (PRK). Pure Evil.

Gun Facts v3.3 By Guy Smith. Over SEVENTY PAGES debunking every lie the gun-grabbers and their cheerleaders in the liberal media foist daily on the American Public. Now revised to cover the plethora of lies regarding so-called "assault weapons".A MUST READ!!
Crime, Deterrence, and Right-to-Carry Concealed Handguns The groundbreaking July, 1996 study by John Lott that's had the gun-grabbers buying Rolaids by the truckload ever since it was published.
Essay on the Kleck/Gertz Study of Defensive Gun Uses An analysis with commentary of the study that the gun-grabbers wish would just go away.
"Sources on the Second Amendment A large and substantive list of historical references reaffirming the right to keep and bear arms as a long-established, commonplace and individual right practiced by Americans, by the liberal Constitutional scholar Prof. Eugene Volokh of UCLA Law School.
"The Commonplace Second Amendment Another seminal work by Prof. Eugene Volokh that states that, whether the anti-gun fascists like it or not, the 2nd Amendment means just what it says -- RKBA is an INDIVIDUAL, not collective, right.
Warrior Cops CATO Institute study of the militarization trends in U.S. police forces. A very ugly trend.
"Assault Weapons" Revisited Study on the truths behind the whole "Assault Weapons" propaganda by the Doctors for Integrity in Policy Research.

Camp GunFree From the Minnesota Center for Individual Liberty. A great "brochure" to print out and give to anyone who hates or fears guns and won't listen to reason. See how they feel about spending some quality time at this "world-class" resort.
If Guns Were Treated Like Cars By Ron Miller. If guns were treated like cars, as many gun-grabbers like to compare, we'd have a lot more firearms rights than we have now. Exposes another of the many BIG LIES of the anti-freedom crowd.
The Price They Paid What happened to the orginal signers of the Declaration of Independence? Most of them suffered, lost loved ones, lost their fortunes, lost their lives.
A Modern Concord Story Satirical news article on the "Shots Heard 'Round the World", if they were reported by today's liberal media.

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